Sandust Southern Comfort

Brown toypoodle male born- 2007


Owned by Annie Nordquist and Sandust

Shown in Sweden 7 times

4 CC
4 res.CC during his visit in UK July-Oct. 2008

Several promising offsprings in Sweden and England.

Eyes clear 12 nov. 2008

Patella 0/0

PRCD PRA normal by parents


Above: Sandust Southern Comfort in England


Puck´s offspring in UK Toy male
Sherrygold Talk of the Devil at Bielcee winning Runner-up Best Puppy Group 9 at the European Winners Dog Show 2009.

Owner Mrs K.J Walsh, Ireland.


I största laget men mkt vacker.Långt smalt huvud med vackra mörka ögon. Välvinklad o välkroppad. Mkt bra svansfäste. Bra päls och färg. Mkt iögonfallande i rörelse. Riktigt pudeltemperament.
(Mikael Nilsson, Kudos)

Rich brown, has an attractive balance.Long well moulded head, good back skull, well chiselled foreface, good chin, dark expressive eye. Super reach of neck, good shoulders, deep firm chest. Well sprung ribcage. Correct taliset and well bent stifles, good muscletone. Moves holding a fabulous outline and sound coming and going.
(Melanie Harwood, Minarets)